Transit Bipartition

Transit Bipartition

Transit Bipartition gained to the medicine literature by the Brazilian surgeon Sergio Santoro. He discovered this surgical technique similar to the other techniques as it gets combined operation with sleeve gastrectomy procedure. Instead of other procedures, the entire the entire distal part of small bowel is brought to the lower stomach and a second outcome is provided, therefore all the food can pass through the entire small bowel segments.

In this procedure, 100 or 120 cm starting from the connection point between the small bowel and the large bowel is measured and marked. The choice between 100 or 120 cm is determined according to patient condition.
Afterwards, another 150 cm is measured, and small bowel is dissected at 250 cm distance to the connection between the small bowel and the large bowel.

Dissected lower end is connected to the stomach. Higher end is connected to the 100th cm marked beforehand. As a result, direct food passage is granted to the last 250 cm part of the small bowel.

Only important point is that approximately 1/3 of the food passes through the duodenum, which is the natural path, while 2/3 of the food passes through the last segment of the small bowel, thanks to the new connection.

These rates have been determined by the screening tests, which are done either with oral contrast material or marked isotopes.

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