With the Piezo technique Surgeon Dr Baris Keklik remove the hump, make precise bone cuts that don’t damage the underlying mucosa, and polish any rough surfaces to create a precisely shape of the nasal bridge. The ultrasound can be used with different tips so you can work without damaging the skin and the cartilage.

Recent studies have shown that if Rhinoplasty surgery is performed with Piezo device, the bone is healing 60% faster than the traditional Rhinoplasty method. This results in far less trauma, less swelling and almost no bruising “which is very important to me as a plastic and aesthetic surgeon” said Dr Baris Keklik. Piezo technique is not the last invention in rhinoplasty, but it is a method that has taken its place in the field of plastic surgery as an important technological advance that provides more accuracy and superiority in shaping the nasal bone.


What to expect after Piezo Rhinoplasty?

One of the most frequently asked questions by my patients before surgery is whether the silicone splints also known as tampons placed in the nose after surgery will prevent breathing. For this concern, we are using a very comfortable leaf-shaped silicone splints without blocking the airway and at the same time, a comfortable feeling is provided. During the removing process of the splints, the patient feels minimum or no pain.

Another important point for the patients is when they can go back to work and return to their daily routine. The patient spend the night at the hospital after the surgery and the silicone splints are removed after 5 to 7 days. We also advise some patients to massage carefully their nose bridge after 3 weeks.

Some patients may also be advised massaging after 3 weeks. The patients should not swim for 1 month. We advise that the patient does not wear (sun) glasses for 3 months.

During the recovery period, we recommend that you watch out for any traumatic injury on the nose. Developing technologies have facilitated rhinoplasty, operations for the surgeons and also increased the comfort of the patients.

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