Revision Rhinoplasty

Revision Rhinoplasty

Revision rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure to repair shape and internal function of the nose after previous nose surgery. Your new nose needs to work functional and be aesthetically harmony with your other facial features. There is a revision surgery risk after every rhinoplasty surgery. The experience of the surgeon, the technique he applied, nasal structures, previous surgeries or accidents may result in revision rhinoplasty.

Surgical methods depends on the deformity in the nose. In revision rhinoplasty, the condition of the septum (cartilage separating nostrils) is very important. It could be necessary before the surgery to perform physical examination by endoscopic examination and CT-scan (computed-tomography). During revision rhinoplasty, we use cartilage tissue from septum to repair deformities from the previous rhinoplasty. The cartilage will be moved into a new position or the structures may be replaced with the patient’s own cartilage from another part of the body. In several cases costal cartilage (rib cartilage) is used.

Revision RhinoplastySurgery process

Revision rhinoplasty is one the most common of all “revision” plastic surgeries. The surgery is not different from the primary rhinoplasty operation.

Surgeon Dr Baris Keklik prefers to perform it under general anesthesia. The surgery lasts 2-3 hours. After revision rhinoplasty we use a very comfortable leaf-shaped silicone splints without blocking the airway and at the same time, a comfortable feeling is provided. Sometimes we don’t use tampons at all by revision rhinoplasty. Bleeding is normal within 24 hours it can be solved with medical care. After revision rhinoplasty there will be less pain, less bruising and less swelling.

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