Reconstructive Ear Surgery

Reconstructive Ear Surgery

Most of plastic surgeries are performed after adolescence. Except the reconstruction of cauliflower ear. Because the ears complete 90% of their development around 5 years of age. Being a potential joke material especially amongst primary school can cause serious psychological and social problems; it can also affect educational success. This is a reason why we reconstruction the ear at this age. Due to the fact that the ear folds are not sufficiently formed, the angle with the head may be larger than normal. In this case, the ears are seen larger than they should be. Although the size of the ear is the same, the difference in the shape of the cartilage causes a misperception.

If you have this problem with your child, you should first consult a child psychologist. If the specialist recommends surgery as well, the person who will help you with the reconstruction are plastic surgeons. For adults who want a reconstructive ear surgery, psychologist recommendation is not necessary. It is important that the surgeon and the family inform the child together about the operation. About the surgery procedure, the process after the surgery and the result should be explained in short and easy language.  It is important that the child will not be scared before the surgery but comfortable. Reconstructive ear surgeries are easy to perform.

Ear Reconstruction Surgery

The operation is performed in a sterile environment. The surgery lasts 1-1.5 hours. Depending on the condition of the patient, general or local anesthesia is chosen. A small incision is made right behind the ear. The cartilages are shaped with permanent stitches through the incision. As the incision is behind the ear, so the scars are hidden. The patient can go home on the same day. Bandages are removed after 2-3 days and the patient can take a shower. It is recommended to protect the ears with a headband up to 10 days after the surgery.

The experience of the surgeon in these operations is important.  The ear is a double organ, it is necessary to ensure symmetry and to calculate the ear angle precisely.

A nicely done reconstructive ear surgery makes a great contribution to the improvement and happiness of the patient’s psychology.

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