Mustache Transplantation

Mustache Transplantation

Mustache is importance for some men to feel self-confident or it’s a part of their style. The mustache has also been a symbol for different societies, beliefs and social status throughout history. Mustache is more a reflection of identity. In addition, traditions and morals, religious beliefs in some cultures men have a mustache or must shave them.

The fact that the mustache has such important role in the social world affects men’s preferences of mustache shapes.

In some cases, traumas and injuries can lead to the absence of mustache what aesthetically can disturb the person. To solve these problems mustache transplant is the best option to have natural mustache, and to cover the scars as well.


The mustache hair transplant is also performed with the FUE technique. The donor area is the area where denser and healthy hair grows. This area located on the neck or side of the head, which is not sensitive for testosterone hormone, which leads to hair loss.

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