Mesotherapy is a nonsurgical technique used to reduce cellulite, removes excess fat, recontour the body, fade wrinkles and lines and rejuvenate the face and neck. There isn’t a standard formula for the substances injected in mesotherapy. The solutions include FDA qualified medicines, vitamins and minerals. Michel Pistor, a doctor in France, developed the technique in 1952. It was originally used to relieve pain. It is a painless method, which inject of small amounts of traditional pharmacological or homeopathic drugs, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and enzymes into the middle layer of the skin (dermis). These mixtures are given to the specific regions selected by very fine needles. Mesotherapy is widely used in cases of illness and pain like: sport injuries, musculoskeletal disorders, hair loss, aesthetics, and cosmetic treatments. It is given into the mesoderm, which is a layer of fat and tissue under the skin.

Mesotherapy technique

Mesotherapy is a method of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, homeopathic medicines into the middle layer of the skin (dermis). Depending on the conditions to be treated, these mixtures are given to the specific areas selected by very fine needle tips (4-6 mm thick and 27-30 gauce thin needles). The important point is to know, the pharmacological properties of the drugs used in the cocktail, about the interactions with each other and the potential side effects.  The pain is relatively less. After the sterilization of the treatment area, with cold air application on the area would be paralyzed and the pain minimized. The absorption of drugs used in mesotherapy is very limited, there is almost no drug transfer to the systemic circulation. The number of sessions of treatment varies on the disease, the patient and the area of the injection. These mixtures are given to the specific regions selected by very fine needles.


Mesotherapy is used for:

  • cellulite
  • remove fat in areas
  • stretch marks
  • scars
  • hair loss
  • fade wrinkles and lines
  • rejuvenate the skin

Mesotherapy with skin tightening

Nowadays, it is possible to benefit from many advanced technologies to get rid of the spots or marks because of the sun. The mesolift is used for wrinkles and loosening skin and it is one of the most natural and practical ones.

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