Medical Skin Care

Medical Skin Care

Everyday each part of our body gets older at the same rate. Generally everyone thinks that the skin get older because of external factors, but the hands get older the same way. It is important to know what your skin actually needs. Medical skin care (revitalizes deeply cleanses and refreshes your skin) in a clinical setting, using cosmetic products.

Young skin care

A personalized care for the specific needs of the skin.

Acne skin care:

Generally and regionally skin care is important. Acne has been cleaned. During the acne treatment, you must ensure the balance of the skin, clean in depth, treat the occurrence of acne and prevention of the formation is important.


The hydrolipitic layer of the skin surfaces several of internal epidermis oils and sebum. The amount of sebum varies depending on the number of glands in the body.

For example:

Internal factors, hormonal imbalance, age, such as genetics. External factors; such as temperature and sun, lifestyle and nutrition.

Anti-aging treatment:

Is applied to 30 years of age and over 35 of age and is made according to the needs of a medical skin care.

Collagen Care:

It is a kind of skin care made to increase the elasticity of the skin and it is applied according to the result of the person’s skin analysis.

What should be noted after medical skin care?

After skin care, the opened pores can collect itself in at least 2 hours. For that reason, the skin should not be used for make-up, powder, blush etc. for the next day. The sessions must be 1 per month or 1 per 45 days.

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