Dr Oya Öztan Peker

Dr Oya Öztan Peker

Dr Oya Öztan Peker was born in Gaziantep in 1978. She graduated from Gaziantep Anatolian High School in 1996 and Marmara University Faculty of Dentistry in 2003. In 2009 she completed Prosthetic Dentistry at Yeditepe University and her doctorate in the United States of America and worked as a faculty member in the same department until 2014.

Oya Öztan Peker, who has participated in many conferences in Turkey and abroad as a speaker and academician, is also a DGOI (German Oral Implantology Association) certified speaker.

She is an active member of EPA (European Academy of Prosthetics) and Turkish Society of Prosthodontics and Implantology (TPID), although he is a board member of many non-governmental organizations.


2003 Marmara Üniversitesi Diş Hekimliği Fakültesi

2009 Yeditepe Üniversitesi Protetik Diş Tedavisi A.B. D’da Doktora

Dr Oya Öztan Peker


TEPA (Avrupa Protez Akademisi)

Türk Prostodonti ve İmplantoloji  Derneği (TPİD)

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CliniCare Bosphorus-Estetik Cerrahi KliniğiCliniCare Bosphorus-Estetik Cerrahi KliniğiCliniCare Bosphorus-Estetik Cerrahi Kliniği

  1. Dental Implants
  2. Zirconium Veneers
  3. Recontouring
  4. Bleaching
  5. Porcelain Veneer
  6. Gummy Smile
  7. Bonding
  8. Smile Design
  1. Orthodontics
  2. Endodontics
  3. Conservative Dental Treatment
  4. Pediatric Dentistry
  5. Periodontology
  6. Prosthetic Treatments
  7. Dental Aesthetics
  8. Implants


With our experience in the field of Dental Aesthetics;

  • Adding happiness to your smile with Teeth Whitening and Gummy Smile Aesthetics
  • Getting strong and healthy teeth with implant treatment
  • Avoiding bad breath with laser treatments for gingival
  • Elimination of bruises with root canal treatments
  • Broken, damaged or shapely problematic teeth correcting by reshaping
  • Protecting your teeth with zirconium coating

And we provide more services in the field of Dental Aesthetics. Contact us.


By correcting and changing your appearance as desired, you will have an improved self-confidence. This transformation works wonders for your social life and mental health. Appearing the way you want and reflecting it out reveals the feeling of being internally safe, this transformation makes you feel better in every area of ​​life.


The mission of CliniCare Bosphorus is to serving you by the specialists in our country’s leading Aesthetic surgeries, like Plastic and Aesthetic surgery, Medical aesthetics, Obesity surgery and Dental aesthetics.

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