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The privilege of us doctors to touch the human body and soul is not given to any other profession. The conscientious responsibility we carry as doctors on our shoulders is our professional and moral responsibility. Each person who walks together with us, we hope that we are a part of your happy and healthy life, and stay in your mind, heart and soul as a positive reminder.

The journey ​of CliniCare Bosphorus is meant for your privacy, safety, trust, happiness and prosperity by bringing the highest level of satisfaction.

Surgeon Dr. Barış KEKLİK

Op Dr Barış Keklik

Istanbul is becoming the center of health tourism of the world. European countries, the Middle East and Arab emirates prefer Istanbul because of their attractive offers and high-quality service.

In this context, to represent our country in the best way is our responsibility. Each member of the team consists of experienced doctors and who have had proven themselves with their profession and qualitative work, and who want to bring their knowledge and experience to the top, and because of this is our intention make CliniCare Bosphorus one of the best new health tourism brand to represent our country.

CliniCare consist of Plastic and Aesthetic surgery, Obesity surgery, Dentistry and Medical aesthetic. All doctors are specialist in their profession and using the latest technology to give you, our special guests from over the world, high quality service.


Obesity, which is a serious problem in our lives, is surgical treatment a solution. Aesthetic surgery, dental health and medical aesthetic treatments are seen as a necessity rather than a luxury, and it is an increasing demand, and for this reason surgical and non-surgical applications of the medical world are investigated and developed. With the effect of social media, developments are being followed faster and if they gain popularity they are spreading faster between people. This rapid exchange of information is useful, but have also a negative side because false images at social media can lead to wrong treatments that result in aesthetic disasters. False results that look unnaturally and exaggerated have a negative effect on the aesthetic perspective of people. Bad eating habits and the fact that sports cannot be a part of our lifestyle is the reason for that more people are dealing with obesity problems which leads to metabolic consequences.

Obesity becomes a serious health problem, and we want to present the effective and surgical solutions, and solve the following problems permanent with aesthetic treatments. We want to touch people’s lives to live a healthy, self-conscious and peaceful well being.

Nutrition begins with the mouth and the most effective way to look good is a healthy looking face, smile and healthy teeth. During communication, your teeth are just important as your eyes. A warm friendly smile will make a nice impression on the opposite side.

Thanks to technological developments, you can have more than just healthy teeth, an attractive aesthetic smile give you a younger appearance, while it has a positive effect on your communication with people. For this subject it is the responsibility in our context to provide solutions for dentistry and aesthetics from A to Z. Our aim with aesthetic treatments is to make the standard beauty prescriptions personalized and natural.

The perception about beauty and aesthetics differs per society, and social and visual media influences society and something become popular and this spread very quickly between societies. Aesthetic sector is becoming a big market in the world and new companies are participating every day. Every new product is not the best and every popular treatment is not the right one. At this point, the initiative of the clinics that provide service in health and aesthetic, are important.

The mission of our company is to bring reliable and effective technology together. In our clinic, we separate the applications that will be performed as surgical and non-surgical solutions.

It is wrong to think these treatments as separate from each other or/and alternative applications. Each patient applying to our clinic will be evaluated by our specialists and will be taken to the most appropriate and reliable treatment program according to their preferences.

Besides medical treatments such as Botox, PRP (platelet rich plasma), HA (hyaluronic Acid) fillings, the preference of Hollywood stars like the FDA approved skin cleansing and care, latest ultrasound technology and effective methods are between the treatments the patients can choose about. Plastic and Aesthetic surgery are performed under local and general anesthesia. The local surgeries can be performed in clinical environment and the general anesthesia surgeries are performed in a sterile environment in our FDA approved hospitals. Although surgeres are much more comfortable and safe with advanced anesthesia techniques, you stay at the hospital is shorter and recovery is faster.

Plastic Surgeon Doctor Baris Keklik, is following the most recent scientific developments and is one of the most successful practitioners of Ultrasonic Rhinoplasty surgery, also known as Piezo surgery. Face rejuvenation surgeries are become increasingly popular. In contrast to the old method like facelift, is rejuvenation restoration of the deformities that are created by the years without ruin the natural expressions. The aging in the face starts at the eye area, then the middle of the face, thinning skin on the forehead and bottom of the face, the wrinkles get deeper and sagging skin because of gravity.

One of the most common surgeries, in Turkey and in the world is Rhinoplasty also known as “nose surgery”. Especially in Turkey there are very successful examples of Rhinoplasty aesthetic surgery, and all over the world scientific platforms following with attention. With the changing surgical methods and technological devices, Rhinoplasty surgeries can be performed to make aesthetically a nose in harmony with your face, improve respiratory functions and to aim a faster recovery.

With non-surgical medical treatments, the signs of aging in the skin and subcutaneous tissue are decelerated and eliminated. From a certain level, surgical procedures are needed. The eyelid correction is relatively short applications that are performed under local or general anesthesia. After one week the patients turns back to their daily routine. In the middle and older ages, signs of aging have been observed. For patients who are appropriate, endoscopic face-lift can be realized. By using a light camera system, the middle part of the face, the eye area and the forehead can be stretched without leaving a scar. Subcutaneous fat tissue we gain from any part of the body, we inject your own stem cells to a tissue were the fat tissue is lost. Aging patients who have sagging face and neck, with facelift surgery, they can get 15 years younger looking appearance.

Body shaping surgeries have been increasing, to recover the sagging skin tissue after bariatric surgery (gastrectomy). One year after bariatric surgery, patients who achieved an ideal body mass index, can have the healthy shape of their dreams after a few more aesthetic surgeries. First of all, abdominal and waist the 360-degree body lift must be performed. If its needed excessive breast tissue can be removed, also arm and leg lift surgery can used. Body contour surgery is not intended for patients with excess weight or with sagging tissues.

The popularity of Brazilian aesthetics like a slim waist, more round shaped and lifted butt, flat and athletic appearance, is one of the most wanted treatments. While the waist is shaped with liposuction method, by using ultrasound or laser energy, the fat can be used for a round and fuller shape in the butt. By slim patients silicone butt prosthesis give very successful results. For men we use fat injections with stem cells for a flat waist line, abdominal muscle (six-pack) image, chest muscles (pectorals) and shoulder muscle (deltoid) get more voluminous.

A bigger size of the breast tissue, what we frequently encounter in men is preferred to remove. “Mummy makeover” is known as the recovery of the abdomen and breast tissue for woman who gave birth. This is one of the most aesthetic surgical procedures we are performing. Young woman who have not enough breast tissue, silicone breast prosthesis, which are golden standard in the breast group, the patient become more self-confident and it gives us very good results.

Big parts of our education consist of Reconstructive repair surgery, and our expert staff successfully performs this. 1 of every 8 woman have breast cancer and most of the patients can be caught in the early stages, and with surgical treatment they can get their healthy life back. Breast tissue is the sexual identity of woman. Breast tissue lost due to disease can lead to serious trauma. With the multidiscipline approaches, oncologic surgery and breast tissue reconstruction can be carried out both, and the self-confident of the patient can be won back.

Best repair can be performed on your own abdomen, leg or back tissue with silicone prosthesis and fat injection. The mentioned applications are often preferred and we have done. It is possible to reproduce these examples.

We promise that we provide the highest quality in service to our clients to meet your expectations. The privilege of the doctors, to touch the human body and soul, is not given to any other profession. The conscientious responsibility we carry as doctors on our shoulders is our professional and moral responsibility. Each person who walks together with us, we hope that we are a part of your happy and healthy life, and stay in your mind, heart and soul as positive reminder.

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